Monday, May 23, 2016

A Work in Progress

It has been a slow start...but I have been gaining some momentum.

Today I would like to share with you some of the work I have done on "The Scarecrow's Halloween".

I started with a simple mock up of the book with only the text placed where I wanted it to be. From there I sketched illustration ideas into notebooks...several notebooks... trying to create the best image for each set of words on the page. Sometimes these images came easy, sometimes not so much, a lot of scribbling goes into making a book!
After choosing what I felt were the best images for each page and then drawing each one into the mock up in pencil... I then set about to use color pencils to bring each image to life. This part of the process has been most enjoyable to me.

I will admit that these illustrations are still quite rough, but they are good guides for me in capturing the color and mood for the book.

Once I am satisfied with each rough illustration, I will start to do the final illustrations in acrylic on watercolor paper like I have done with all my book illustrations.

I still have a lot of work and changes to do with this book, but for me... that is where the fun is!
So I would like to thank you for checking in on my progress so far. I have other completed roughs I would like to share later...once I convince my daughter to take some more pictures with her phone!! But rest assure I will try to keep you posted.

Will all this work ever get published? I sure hope so! But for now I am just enjoying the creative process and doing my best to bring this story to life!!

Take care!!

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