Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Work in Process ... Making Changes.

I went back and made a few color changes to the illustration roughs I have been working on for my latest book in the works.
I felt the original color roughs didn't really depict the feeling of night time that I was envisioning... I felt the moon appeared almost to sun like! Not really what I was trying to show.
Original illustration rough
Revised illustration rough
The change is maybe subtle but I think I'm getting closer to giving the illustration the night time feel I want to get. I did the same with the illustration below. The moon didn't actually look very moon like...I knew I needed to do something! I may even eliminate the face images directly below the moon as they appear to be to busy for the illustration.

Original illustration rough

Revised illustration rough
These roughs will all be rendered in acrylic for the final illustrations. I will be able to get deeper colors and better detail with the acrylic...but I also want to retain some of the earthy charm the color pencils gave the illustrations.

I will admit that I am definitely taking my time with these illustrations. I feel no rush to submit this to publishers at the moment...I really want to get this one perfect!!

Stay tuned for more updates soon!

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