Sunday, November 15, 2015

Starting over...again.

On July 1st  2013 I wrote a rather dismal yet heartfelt post on this blog...I had lost my passion and my drive.

Trying to figure out what went wrong is one thing, trying to get my creative passion back is another.

I am slowly working on getting some form of ambition back, trying to rework some old projects and ultimately getting published again. This is no small undertaking!!

My last book entitled "At the End of the Day" really didn't go anywhere. That could have been the fault of the publisher, but most likely it was my own fault for not promoting this wonderful book more strongly.  I had let my newest creation down!!

I started a somewhat ambitious....maybe somewhat lame challenge on my Greg Budig Author & Illustrator Facebook page  to have my friends and followers request a copy of this book at their local library. I received a lot of wonderful responses and hope to see it's circulation grow in the library world. But people won't check it out if they don't know it exists. Is it too late to promote a book that's four years old? Hhhmmmm.....that is the question.

So my next plan of action is to finish some of the book projects that I had started years ago, some of which are actually quite good. I am currently revisiting and working on a Halloween themed book based on some decorations I made for our front yard, the book is entitled "The Scarecrow's Halloween"

The joy of creating seems to be returning...I'm actually feeling excited about this idea!! It needs to be revamped, reworked and redesigned in places, but over all it has good structure. I just need to get busy with it!!!

So this is where I am at right now. Hopefully a little more positive and hopefully a lot more ambitious than the last time I posted on here. Will this feeling remain? Like I said last time...I kind of hope so!!

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