Wednesday, December 28, 2011

"Reflections on a Brown Christmas"

An  illustration from "Still (A Winter's Journey)"
This is as close to a wintry scene as we have had here in the upper Midwest...not exactly the stuff of  Bing Crosby legend!

A part of me, the sentimental, romantic side of me, missed the atmospheric wonder and soft holiday glow that the snow provided as a backdrop to the season. The other part of me, the jaded, realistic side, thoroughly enjoyed not having to shovel it or drive through it every morning on the way to work. I was in heaven!!

It seems the artist and writer in me, the part of me most connected to the carefree days of childhood, yearned for the snow. Visions of frosted window panes and snowflakes like goose down ran endlessly through my mind. That part of me wanted to be immersed in the solitude of the new fallen snow...but it seems that part of me doesn't reside within me like it used to.

Blame it on age, life, lack of free time...well, free time away from dozing in the recliner. Sometimes what ambition and energy I do muster, I need to focus on trying to accomplish all the other endless chores I've let pile up around here. I seem to no longer have time to be childlike anymore, and that's rather sad to admit.

 And so we embrace our brown Christmas, we take it for all it's worth and enjoy the fact that our outdoor decorations won't be frozen into the ground until sometime in March. And besides...we can always dream for next year!


  1. Greg, your illustration is gorgeous! I prefer it to the real thing, but I'm not a fan of snow. After I grew up and snow didn't get me out of going to school (or work when I was a teacher) anymore, I found I don't have a need for the stuff.

  2. I did not grow up with snow, but four years in Ithaca NY cured all my romantic notions of it. I haven't missed it since moving west.
    Until... Your art is wonderful, and can make even a hard-hearted gal like me melt again.

  3. I've always believed that having some snow during the Holidays was wonderful...but I also believe that January 1st should be the first day of spring!!! THAT would be perfect!!

    Thanks for your kind words!

    Take care