Monday, December 19, 2011

"Now is the Time!"

I should really make this quick, as now is the time to get ready for Christmas. I know I have a number of things I should do today, always something left to buy, or bake, or see, or make...

Thing is... Christmas will come no matter what we do... or don't do.

Such is the season I'm afraid, we have been warned since damn near Halloween, so why do we now seem to run out of time. I can't really say what we expect though, all these time restrictions are more or less self imposed, it is by choice that we stress ourselves out over this. So what's the point you might ask?

I suppose this is just a personal note to myself, and to whoever else might be reading this, to just stop for a moment and breath.

Okay...feel better now? Great, now just relax and have a Happy Holiday Season and a wondrous New Year!!!

I knew we could do it!!!!

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