Tuesday, April 12, 2011

"Where Has The Time Gone!"

It suddenly dawned on me one day...don't I have a blog or something like that out there?  I seemed to have woefully forgotten about this whole blog thing I started. 

So I decided I'd better revisit this thing and see if I even remember how to post on here. Obviously I did, so here goes nothing.

I am currently wrapping up work on my newest book entitled "At The End Of The Day" which will tentatively be released some time this spring...most likely late spring, say like sometime in June. The editing process went on a little longer than I'd like, a lot of major changes where made, but I think we finally reached an agreement on the text.  I then set about the task of doing the illustrations, which included rethinking some of the already completed illustrations. I needed to see if they still fit into the revamped manuscript.

Being able to work on this full time would have been wonderful, but since I'm restricted to working on this in the evening and on weekends, my time is somewhat limited. The process went well and I am now working on the final illustration, I'm thinking it will involve fireflies, something magical and captivating I hope.

I have posted above a close-up from one of the newest illustrations. It involves dandelions as you can see and it really turned out well in my opinion. So I hope to finish up soon and get this all off to my publisher so they can get this book going. 

Well, I'd best close here, but I promise to keep all of my loyal blog fans up to date with all things Greg Budig!! You are eight of the greatest blog followers around!!!!

take care


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  1. Hello Greg;

    I just wanted to share that I bumped into your blog by searching for a photo to help me to draw my first illustration for a book my life long friend wrote.

    The photo I am looking for is not on your blog, but I stopped and satayed anyways, as I was drawn into your work...I love your illustrations...and wanted to send out a prayer for all things good to come your way!