Friday, November 12, 2010

"Book Signing in New Ulm"

On November 6th, me, my wife Cindy and our girls Emily and Anna traveled to beautiful New Ulm Minnesota to sign books at the Woman's Expo and Craft Sale. Well...I was the only one in the family actually signing books, but we all did go, and had a blast!!

I was invited by the wonderful Nancy Kokesch, owner of The Country Loft in New Ulm, to participate in this signing event. She had four regional authors present there and we were all treated royally! The expo was held at Jefferson Elementary School. The halls, gymnasium and cafeteria were packed with vendors and crafters from all over south central Minnesota. My wife and daughters had a good time sampling goodies and looking over all that was to be seen.   

Nancy ordered a large number of my books, which I wish I could have sold more of at the expo, but she had me sign each and every one of the unsold books for sale in her store. I asked, "Are you sure you want me to do this?" to which she replied..."Oh I'll sell them! Don't worry about that!"  She is one spunky lady!!

Our nephew Jeff and his lovely wife Mel stopped by. She's a native of New Ulm and were in town for her baby shower. They brought Mel's mom along who bought both my books for me to sign, we also had a nice chat about inspiration and other artistic things.  We asked them where a good place to eat in New Ulm was, they suggested...

                               Veigel's Kaiserhoff!!!!!

It was great! An ice cold Schell's beer and jager schnitzel made my day! My wife had the sour kraut & bratwurst with German potato salad dinner, she's a sucker for good sour kraut. The had a cheeseburger and the other had the pulled pork sandwich special, their German roots don't impress them much! But they were impressed with New Ulm, a very historic and charming city. I hope to be invited back next year, or better yet, maybe I can set up a book signing for my newest book this summer at the Country Loft! This time we can make it a weekend!! Schell's Brewery here I come!!!


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  1. Hi Greg- I like your style! So I am passing on the "Stylish Blogger Award" to you. You can collect it off my site if you'd like. Have a great day!